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Rábago Abogados Penalistas, S.C.

Rábago Abogados Penalistas, S.C., is a law firm specialized in complex litigation and counseling in patrimonial crimes and other criminal actions, anti-corruption compliance, criminal responsibility of legal persons, anti- money laundering regime matters and others. The infrastructure and experience of Rábago Abogados Penalistas, S.C., allows us to perform legal services of high quality, related with complex criminal litigation, as well as preventive counseling within the companies, both to prevent the commission of crimes, sanctions and prison terms for non-compliance to the national and international standards in the matters of anti-corruption compliance, criminal responsibility of legal persons and anti-money laundering regime.


Our clients include high profile persons and important national and international companies of the most diverse areas such as industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, aeronautical, commercial, services and financial such as credit institutions, investment companies, limited and/or multiple financial corporations, belonging to both the private sector and public sector, as well as local, municipal and state entities. Names are not included due to confidentiality issues.

Rábago Abogados Penalistas, S.C., lawyers have extensive professional experience in criminal matters and anti-corruption compliance persons and anti-money laundering regime. Therefore, we are recognized for our effectiveness in the counseling that we provide to our clients. Members of Rábago Abogados Penalistas, S.C., are part of the Mexican Bar (Barra Mexicana, Colegio de Abogados, S.C.) and of the National Association of Lawyers for Legal Entities, (Asociación Nacional de Abogados de Empresa, Colegio de Abogados).


In response to the specific needs of our clients, we have developed the ability to deal with criminal issues throughout the Mexican territory, lodging complaints, attending requirements and litigation, and to meet specific requirements and disputes related to criminal matters. Additionally, we have developed a specific area within the firm that allows advising companies to comply with the of legal persons and anti-money laundering regime. 

Defenses and Allegations: We have an extensive experience in defenses and complex allegations of common crimes such as fraud, abuse of trust, as well as in those foreseen in special laws such as banking, fiscal, telecommunications, economic competition, environmental, among others. Our experience has allowed us to successfully attend the issues in which we have intervened both in preliminary inquiries, investigation file and criminal process. 

We also have an extensive experience in the use of constitutional trials (Juicios de Amparo), in both accusations and allegations for the benefit of our clients in order to assert their rights and achieve the results sought in the various procedures in which we represent their interests.

An area is dedicated to consultations or opinions in criminal matters or related to criminal compliance with the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification and Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin: this consists of the elaboration of opinions in criminal matters, either to prevent crimes within the companies or to determine if there are elements to configure a crime to be reported, or, so that there is no risk of committing any crime at the time of commercial or corporate operations. Also, to determine or clarify doubts regarding the obligations of the company when required regarding issues related to compliance for the prevention of money laundering. 

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As a social function, concerned about the quality, ethics and professionalism of criminal legal science, this Firm collaborates as advisers in the University Program of Gender Studies of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.


Additionally, we participate by providing free professional services through the Caracol Foundation, A.C. and the Fundación de la Barra Mexicana, Colegio de Abogados, A.C.


In the academy, we collaborate with the Universidad Anáhuac del Norte and with the Universidad Iberoamericana, receiving their students in our Firm to carry out their professional practices in criminal matters.


In terms of public security, in 2010 we participated in the preparation, design and implementation of the Horus program for the training and dignity of the public security police of the Municipality of Atizapán de Zaragoza, State of Mexico.

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